You can now keep your garden or yard list on BUBO Listing. When you create a garden list, just select a list type of 'Garden'. We recommend doing this at the level of village or town because this helps comparison with other nearby gardens, but you can just create it for the appropriate county or even country.

Optionally, you can create a specific site for your garden using the Add Site facility, and then create the 'Garden' list. If you choose to do this, we recommend you add your garden to the appropriate county in the location tree, but if you wish you could first add the town/city as a location if it is not there already, and add your garden to that. In the example shown below the garden is being added to the already existing location Worthing, but it could have just been added to the county West Sussex. Please use an appropriate geographical name for your garden - you don't have to include the street name as in the example if you think this is better kept private, but it does help in cases where you wish to keep different garden lists within the same area, e.g. if you have moved a short distance.

Add Garden

We recommend you use the list comments feature to indicate any particular rules you use for counting garden/yard birds, e.g. whether birds have to be actually in the garden, or whether you count anything seen from the garden.

It's easy to compare all garden lists within a certain county or state, or even country. For example, see all Yorkshire garden lists. If you have any suggestions about garden listing then please let us know in the BUBO Forums.