Update: see the full range of list types.

We have just introduced a few new list "types" to BUBO Listing. As well as self-found lists that we have always supported, it is now possible to add the following.

Green Lists

Also referred to as zero-carbon lists, or BIGBYs (Big Green Big Year), we are allowing three different types of these:

  1. Green: foot - true green lists, where all birds recorded must be whilst walking from your home or place of work
  2. Green: non-motorised - as above, but forms of non-motorised transport (e.g. bicycle, canoe) are allowed as well
  3. Green: public transport - birds recorded without using any non-motorised transport except for scheduled public transport (ground or water transport only, e.g. buses, trains, ferries - no planes allowed!)

You can read more about Bigby Birding at www.sparroworks.ca/greenbirding/index.html.

Ringing/Banding Lists

Record birds that you have ringed (banded).

Photographic Lists

Record birds that you have photographed (preferably identifiably!)

False Lists

A false list is birds recorded anywhere in the world, i.e. not just within the list location. Hence a False Western Palearctic list includes those species that have been recorded in the WP and which the observer has seen, either inside or outside the WP region.

To use any of these new list types is very simple: when you are choosing the parameters for a list, e.g. location, period and authority, just select the appropriate list type from the new dropdown. The default value is for a "normal" list, i.e. all records.

If you want to see a list type that we do not currently support then please let us know.