We have just launched 'group lists' in BUBO Listing. A few people have created accounts in the past for a group, but this is not something we officially permitted, for a couple of reasons:

  1. We have always insisted on real person names as we believe this is important for the openness in listing that we wish to see
  2. Group accounts are misleading and annoying for listers when viewing rankings tables: imagine being a high lister near the top of a rankings table for somewhere, only to find a combined list for a group of ten individuals above you!

We now support group lists in a better way for everybody.

  • Any group lists are excluded from rankings tables by default, so these tables will always be for individual lists
  • When viewing a rankings table, if group lists have been added, you will see a 'groups' icon that will reload the table with group lists displayed

  • Group lists will be shown with the 'groups' icon beside their name
  • Clicking the main 'groups' icon again will reload the table without the group lists

  • If a particular list doesn't have any group lists yet, the groups icon will not be shown, so you will just see the list 'link' icon as currently.

Group lists are ideal for a society wishing to include the full species list for their recording area, whether this is a formal society or an informal group of watchers at a patch. For example, the rankings table for a local patch could then show the number one lister as the group list, containing all species ever recorded on the site, including historical records. This quickly shows individual listers how many more species they need to find! They are also ideal for tours, whether for a few friends who regularly travel together and wish to keep an overall list from their trips, or tour companies (like the just launched Bubo Birding!)

If you wish to create a group account then sign up as usual but select 'Yes' to the 'Group Account?' question. Any lists that a group account creates will automatically be treated as group lists. Alternatively, if you have already created a group account, or notice any lists that others have created before and are not bring treated as group lists, let us know and we will update them.