18 October 2013: Sorry, the list import service is no longer available. Don't worry though - it really doesn't take long to add lists to BUBO Listing from scratch!

Several birders have asked us if there is a way to import their existing lists (stored in Excel, Word etc.) into BUBO Listing. Whilst the system does not support this (it is complicated to develop considering differences in spellings and taxonomies, and we'd prefer to spend our limited development time on enhancing other areas of BUBO Listing), we have decided to offer a List Import service. You can send us a list via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. This can be as brief as a description of the list (e.g. British BOU Life List, California 2008 Year List) and a list of English names of species to include. However, if possible please add scientific names and, optionally, dates, locations and comments. Ideally we would prefer Excel format, but we will accept most common formats.

If we have any problems importing the lists we will get back to you for clarification. Otherwise we will let you know when your list is online for you to check it.

Since this will be a time-consuming and mostly manual process for us there is a small charge for the service. For every list you would like us to import we ask for a minimum payment of £5.00, or £10.00 for lists of more than 1000 species, to be paid via the Paypal donation button on the BUBO Listing website (or Contact Us to donate by cheque or bank transfer). You can also pay the equivalent amount in other currencies: check for the current exchange rate and just pay us appropriately. We will only request payment after your list is online, and you have checked it. Feel free to donate more than £10.00 per list if you like!

Obviously there is a level of trust in this process: however if you don't pay within a reasonable time period then we can always delete your lists from the system!

In summary:

  • if you are not already registered with BUBO Listing, then register first (for free)
  • email us your list(s) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • we will upload them to BUBO Listing and notify you when it is ready
  • you can then check them, and we will correct any errors
  • when complete, you can click on the Donate button (e.g. on the homepage or here below, or Contact Us to donate by cheque or bank transfer) and make a donation of at least £5.00 per list (£10 or more for lists of at least 1000 species)
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