Greater Short-toed Lark - Calandrella brachydactyla - Alouette calandrelle

The IOC World List has now been updated to the latest published version 11.1.

Many BUBO listers will be affected by the split of Lesser Short-toed Lark Alaudala rufescens into Mediterranean A. rufescens and Turkestan Short-toed Lark A. heinei—if you've seen it in Turkey or further east to Central Asia, as well as in Southern Europe, North Africa or the Middle East, then you'll gain an armchair tick. For those few fortunate enough to have seen the bird at Portland Bill, Dorset, England, in May 1992, we have assumed this to be Mediterranean, pending an official assessment.

Regional or country lists based on IOC, such as the IOC Western Palearctic list, have also been updated.

We automatically apply updates where we can, and in other cases you will be prompted for any taxonomic changes to address yourself.

If you have any queries about distributions or identification of individuals so that you know what you can count, do post in the forums so that other BUBO Listers can help out.