Seebohm's Wheatear Oenanthe seebohmi

The IOC World List has now been updated to the latest published version 11.2, from July 2021.

This is a large update, with about 110 new species available, through splits or new discoveries. Lots to add for Indonesian birders, but several of Western Palearctic interest as well, e.g. the splits of Atlas Wheatear ("Seebohm's) Oenanthe seebohmi (which has been recorded wild in Belgium!), Maghreb Wheatear O. halophila, and Basalt Wheatear O. warriae.

Also Green Bee-eater is split into its separate forms African, Arabian, and Asian, and the eastern form of Graceful Prinia is now Delicate Prinia.

Common (or Mew) Gull has had the North American and Eurasian populations split, so birders on both sides of the Atlantic will be paying close attention for any vagrant Common or Short-billed Gulls!
Mew Gull
Short-billed Gull Larus brachyrhynchus
Common Gull; Larus canus
Common Gull Larus canus