The people behind the IOC World List have published their latest updates. These have now been incorporated into BUBO Listing. The main changes were the addition of Urrao Antpitta, and the splitting of Horned & Sira Curassows; Hen & Northern Harriers; Common & Cape Verde Buzzards; Banggai, Oberholser's & Sula Fruit Doves; Philippine, Everett's & Negros Scops Owls; Northern & Mexican Barred Owls; Pacific, Salim Ali's, Blyth's and Cook's Swift; Dull-mantled & Magdalena Antbirds; Hair-crested & Tablas Drongos; Grand Comoro & Moheli Bulbuls; Nightingale Reed, Saipan Reed & Pagan Reed Warblers; Streaky-breasted & Bornean Spiderhunters.

Most world listers will find they can increase their list by applying these taxonomic updates! As usual you will be notified if any updates impact you.