The Royal Tern Trio ~ Royal Terns ~ Thalasseus maximus ~ Southern Outer Banks, North Carolina

The IOC World List has now been updated to the latest published version 10.1 from January 2020.

The new list includes the newly described Alor Myzomela and Spectacled Flowerpecker, but Deignan's Babbler and Hoogerwerf's Pheasant are no longer recognised as valid species. Newly split species this time around include Western/Eastern Black-eared Wheatears, West African Crested / Royal Terns, Maghreb/Tawny Owls, Sunda/Collared Owlets, Butterfly/Festive Coquettes, Cryptic/Graceful Honeyeaters, Himalayan/Swinhoe's (Striated) Prinias, Deignan's/Burmese/Annam (Brown) Prinias and Island/Numfor/Biak Leaf Warblers. Finally, v10.1 sees a re-entry by that old favourite, Hudsonian Whimbrel, which has been split, then lumped, and now split again (for how long??)

Regional or country lists based on IOC, such as the IOC Western Palearctic list, have also been updated.

We now automatically apply these updates where we can, and in other cases you will be prompted for any taxonomic changes to address yourself.