We hope you like the new, cleaner, sleeker look to BUBO Listing. There have been many behind the scenes changes, and a few others that should make BUBO Listing more enjoyable and even easier to use.

  • On the right hand side you will see a change to BUBO News, with details of "featured" articles from the past that still have relevance today and will, for example, highlight features of BUBO Listing that you may not have been aware of
  • Authority checklists are now easier to access and use, from the main Checklists menu at the top
  • The actual listing pages are nicer to look at, a little bit faster, and no longer have those annoying scrollbars!
  • When using Batch Edit under My Lists, you can either add/edit a whole record in one go, or add/edit individual data items (e.g. date, location) on their own. To edit a full record click the icon at the right hand side (as shown below). To edit individual data items click the appropriate cell as before. Changes are saved immediately for individual updates, or for a full record when you hit Submit. The advantage of having the new single record entry is that this will be faster if you enter lots of details (e.g. date, location and comments) for your records, whereas if you just want to tick a new species for example you can simply put a tick in the "seen" box.
  • When you view "My Profile", or anyone else's via "View Listers", you will see all lists in a sortable datatable (as with "My Lists").

A few other smaller changes have been made. If you encounter any problems at all then please Contact Us. As always we'd love to hear your feedback too - a posting in the forums is best for this so that other BUBO Listers can add their comments.