With a quarter of the world in lockdown because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, there clearly isn't much birding being done. Many of us are birding more regularly from our gardens, houses or apartments, or wherever else we are in lockdown, so we have just introduced lockdown lists to BUBO Listing. When you create a new list, choose 'Lockdown: COVID-19' from the list type dropdown.


Rather than need to add a specific site for where you are locked down, we suggest you add it to the county (or country). You can show all lists within the county, whether they are for the full county itself or a more specific site, even garden, within it: just ensure you 'show all sublocations as well' when you choose a list to view. You can do this for any list, e.g. year, life, self-found etc. Be sure to select list type of 'Lockdown: COVID-19' to see all lockdown lists within the selected location. For example, see all England lockdown lists.


Finally, please be sensible during this period of global crisis. Follow official advice, and stay at home.