As well as the recently introduced Lockdown Listing, there are many other types of lists that birders like to keep. We support lots of these on BUBO Listing, some more frivolous than others!

All records Any (wild) bird. The default list type.
Self-found records Birds you have found yourself, e.g. not twitched. We don't enforce rules for what exactly is meant by self-found: it has often been discussed - e.g. on the BUBO Forum, and see Punkbirder rules - and easily gets controversial! E.g. what if you are in a group, what if you re-find a bird that was missing? Decide on your own rules and use the comments when you enter a record on your list.
Garden Birds seen in or from your garden or yard. Read more about Garden/Yard Lists.
Green: foot Also known as zero-carbon lists, or BIGBYs (Big Green Big Year), all birds recorded must be whilst walking from your home or place of work. Read more about Green Birding in general from the Biking Birder and Green Birding Megastars.
Green: non-motorised Still green, but also allowing forms of non-motorised transport (e.g. bicycle, canoe).
Green: public transport Not quite as green, but allowing scheduled public transport (ground or water only, so no planes).
Patchwork Challenge Birds on your local patch as part of Patchwork Challenge
#LocalPatch Birds on your local patch as part of #LocalBigYear.
Lockdown: COVID-19 Birds seen during lockdown because of COVID-19. Also consider the related Facebook groups #BirdTheFeckAtHome and The Self Isolating Bird Club.
Winter Birds seen during the winter season (December to February)
Nocmig (Night Flight Call) Nocturnal bird migration recording, i.e. bird calls recorded by 'nocmigging'.

Birds that you have photographed (and ideally have an identifiable photo!)

Audio Birds that you have sound recorded (identifiably!)
Ringing/Banding Birds that you have ringed (banded).
Nest Nests seen.
Juvenile Birds seen in juvenile plumage, i.e. out of the nest but prior to moult into first-winter plumage.
Television Birds seen or heard on TV. Read more about Television Lists!
False Birds recorded anywhere in the world, i.e. not just within the actual list location. Hence a False Western Palearctic list includes species that have been recorded in the Western Palearctic and which you have seen anywhere in the world.

All these different list types are in addition to the actual location, authority used, and whether it is a life list or year list, so you can have a self-found life list for your local patch, multiple garden lists for different places you have lived, a county green (non-motorised) year list, and a country false life list, for example.

You can show all lists within an area, whether they are for the full county itself or a more specific site, within it. For example, you can see all Ireland self-found country lists, or show the same and include all Ireland self-found site lists as well. Just ensure you 'show all sublocations as well' when you choose a list to view.

Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis)