Taxa groups
PSL Taxa groups

Pan-species Listing uses high-level taxa groups, based on UKSI but with a few combined to be more "listing-friendly".

We have now introduced a few "subgroups": that means that rather than deal with over 8,000 hymenoptera for example, you can view the more manageable 692 aculeates or the 547 sawflies.

PSL Hymenoptera
PSL Hymenoptera

Note that you can always grab a direct link to the page filtered by taxa group or subgroup from the green PSL icon; click the icon to follow, or right-click to be able to copy the link and use it elsewhere, e.g. on your own website or social media.

Filtering lists by taxa group or subgroup are available throughout the PSL website, e.g. on the main checklist, list ranking pages, and when viewing any list, targets, or blockers. For example, you can see that Graeme seems to have one obvious top spider target, although considering the difficulty of specific id that is more a matter of most listers counting the aggregate: note that, as per the PSL guidelines, this is not allowed!

We can add new subgroups if there are obvious ones worth including: let us know in the discussion of any that you'd like. We can't (without a lot of effort!) do "sub subgroups" though, e.g. Bees which would be a subgroup of the existing subgroup Aculeates.