Rare spp being added as my old records are catalogued. For anyone who is interested, the following escapes seen 'in the wild' are listed but are obviously not included in the list . Laughing Dove 24th Aug 1990, Lucker, Northumberland.Cockatiel 15th Sep 1991, Birk Brow, Cleveland. Silver Teal 17th Sep 1991, Budle Bay, Northumberland. Chilean Flamingo 16th Dec 1992, Dormans Pool, Teesside. Muscovy Duck 5th Jan 1993, Billingham Bottoms, Teesside. Mitred Parakeet, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough, 27th Jan 1993. Bar-headed Goose 28th Mar 1994, Dormans Pool, Teesside. Budgerigar 30th Jan 1995, Seal Sands, Teesside. Alexandrine Parakeet 13th December 1998, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough. Scarlet Macaw 14th Dec 1999, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria. Hooded Merganser 14th Sep 2009, Saltholme, Teesside. Saker 3rd May 2010, Newton Links, Northumberland. Eagle Owl 30th March 2018, Wainstones, Yorkshire