John Poland

WIP as I slowly enter my notebooks. Not always my first sighting (just a referenceable record). Also Midwife Toad (heard only), Edible Frog (heard only 17/7/04 & 27/7/04 Bramshill Forest), Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) on 27/2/11 presumed ship-assisted and taken into care, Reindeer (Cairngorms, Jul 1997; do these count?!), Axis Deer (8/3/04, Woburn Park, Beds), Ferret (Eccles, Norfolk, 13/4/03, dead 15/2/05 Downton), Phellinus hartigii (6/1/24), Adiantum raddianum (12/3/23 Marlborough Bldgs, Bath), Alchemilla falsadenta, Arenaria leptoclados, Cunninghamia lanceolata (layering?), Dionaea muscipula (extirpated...grrr!), Gamochaeta purpurea (11/1/24, Town Quay), Juncus anthelatus, Juncus dudleyi, Lemna valdiviana, Lonicera maackii (21/4/03, MHD), Mitella ovalis, Narcissus obvallaris (31/3/04, Login, Carms, short tepals same colour as trumpet), Oscularia deltoides, Pinus armandii, P. monticola, Potentilla cryeri, Pseudognaphalium stramineum, Rosa squarrosa, R. tomentella, Sagina filicaulis, Salsola tragus (11/9/01, A11), Saururus cernuus, Sorbus sellii (was S. decipiens, 6/10/04, Avon Gorge), Uncinia uncinata, Viburnum davidii etc plus numerous hybrids and subspecific taxa. Studied many other alien plants in cultivation along with planted trees and shrubs (not included in these totals) - searching for more self-seeded ones in 2024!