White-tailed Lapwing (Vanellus leucurus)

A White-tailed Lapwing has been found at WWT Caerlaverock. As this is the first British record for 23 years, a large gathering seems inevitable. A quick check of BUBO Listing shows that, as of time of writing (11:00 on 6th June), only two BUBO Listers have White-tailed Lapwing on their British Lists (BOU). How many more lists will this feature on by the end of the day?

The previous records are from Warwickshire (1975 - 7 days), Dorset (1979 - 1 day), Durham (1984 - 1 day) and Shropshire (1984 - 2 days). Might not be sensible to assume it will hang around too long...

Update 22:30 Mon 18th June:

White-tailed Lapwing now recorded by 40 BUBO listers, following a good weekend showing at Leighton Moss.