The latest BUBO Listing change is the ability to display your own favourite lists on the home page. Thus instead of just seeing the rankings for your home country life and year lists, plus the World list, you can have the lists that matter most to you. If you want your local patch year list to appear first on the home page then you can do exactly that, and easily keep tabs on your position related to that of your birding friends!

The way this works is that you can define up to three "Favourite" lists from the My Lists menu option. Just click on the small star next to the list you want and you will be prompted to make it your first, second or third favourite. Existing favourites will be indicated by having a large star instead of a small one.

When you visit the BUBO Listing home page, and you are logged in, it will show all the favourites you have defined, in the appropriate order. Note that if you are not logged in the default lists for your home country (year and life) plus the World, will be shown as they are currently.

Another great feature added is that the top 10 rankings will now always show your own list. If you are not currently in the top 10 an 11th row will be shown for your own lists, and its overall ranking. Now it's easy to see how well you are doing compared to the top listers, and if you are making any progress!