To compare lists between different BUBO listers, first click on 'View All Lists' on the left-hand side of the page (N.B. you need to be logged in first - see instructions on 'Getting Started' if you need help with this).

You will then get a number of different parameters to choose from. These are detailed further in the instructions on 'Creating a List'. Select the region of interest (and, if you choose county, select which county). Select the time period (life or year, and if you choose year, further select which year). Select which list authority you wish to apply, and whether or not you wish to restrict the list to self-found records only.

Then, making sure you have 'Rankings' selected (not 'Blockers'), click on 'Show List'. You will then get all listers with lists fitting the parameters you have selected, along with their list totals and the date they last updated their list.

If you then wish to find about more an individual BUBO Lister's list, simply click on their name and you can view their entire list. Their list will initially be displayed in systematic order (according to the authority being used), but you can resort it into alphabetical order, date order etc. by clicking on the header of any column. (Click a second time to sort a column in descending order.) You can also download the displayed list in the same way that you can download one of your own lists (as described in the instructions for 'Viewing My Lists').