BUBO Listing now has the ability to create one list based on copying an existing list. This makes it much quicker to enter additional lists once you have your first list created. For example, if you have created your British Life List via the normal checklist entry method, you could then create a copy of it as your Norfolk county list. This will copy all records across to your Norfolk county list, leaving you with just the task of deleting (or updating) any invalid records, e.g. species only seen outside of Norfolk.

The feature also allows you to copy lists across authorities, e.g. create your UK400 life list based on a copy of your BOU life list. You would then need to add (via 'Add Species to List') those records where taxonomy and acceptance varies between BOU and UK400.

This can be quite a complex feature, so please read the detailed instructions and examples under 'Creating A List'.

The 'Copy List' feature is available as an option on the 'Create New List' page when logged in.

As usual, if you have any comments please Contact Us.