An IOC Checklist for the Oriental Region now exists at BUBO Listing. This provides an alternative to the Oriental Bird Club (OBC) list, the taxonomy of which is now quite out of date. We'll keep the taxonomy of the IOC list up to date as we do for the other IOC lists on the site, each time an update to the IOC global list is released.

The IOC list includes only species found in the Oriental zoogeographic region (plus a few dozen borderline cases which are given the benefit of the doubt). This means that all species of the Indian subcontinent and southern Chinese provinces (as well as Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and Indonesia away from New Guinea) are included, but species found only in the northern, Palearctic parts of Asia, which are included in the OBC list, are omitted.

If you notice any missing species, or species which should not have been included, please get in touch. Many thanks to Steve Preddy for his work compiling this.

Fire-tailed Myzornis