About BUBO Listing

BUBO Listing is the fun way to record, share and compare your bird lists for any location worldwide using the most accurate checklists available.

Just choose the location you want to keep a list for and enter a record whenever you get a tick! Enjoy some friendly competition by keeping a year list for your local patch, get your friends to do so as well, and compare how everyone is doing with a BUBO league table!

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BUBO badges are designed to be shown on other websites, e.g. your personal website or blog, and in forums as your forum signature. Each time a badge is displayed it automatically queries the BUBO Listing database to display your list totals and last tick details.

Because of the increased load on the BUBO Listing system we do insist that the badge must keep intact the direct link to BUBO Listing. Hence anyone clicking on the badge on your website, or in your forum signature, will be taken to the BUBO Listing website.

In addition, if you use and like these badges then we would appreciate it if you could consider making a donation towards the running of the BUBO Listing website. There is no obligation but this would help us cover the increased costs of hosting and development.

Contact us to donate by cheque or bank transfer.