We have updated our world lists to align with the major 2023 eBird/Clements update, and the IOC 14.1 update. With 124 splits and 16 lumps from the former, lots of you will be gaining armchair ticks!

Olive-backed SunbirdOlive-backed Sunbird
Olive-backed Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis now split into eight species: Ornate Sunbird C. ornatus (India, left) and Sahul Sunbird C. frenatus (Australia, right)

There are a few species that have been added but may not be highlighted as splits that you need to address (for reasons that aren't worth going into!). These include:

  • Rufous-backed Dwarf Kingfisher
  • Coconut and Biak Lorikeets
  • Pale-legged, Pacific, and Caribbean Horneros
  • Micronesian Rufous Fantail
  • Siberian Nuthatch
  • Eye-ringed Parrotbill
  • Carmiol's and Yellow-lored Tanagers

If you have seen these then you should add them to your lists manually. (Same with Jamaican Petrel and Macquarie Parakeet, but both are probably extinct so unlikely to trouble anyone for updates!)

Some split species are likely to be incorrect on individual country or region lists: it is difficult to know every country that Yellow-billed or Medium Egret have occurred in for example! We have made a best guess, but do point out any errors you may find.