New to BUBO Listing is Winter Listing. Yes, winter listing is apparently a thing and happens mostly in Canada, where winter is a thing too. The winter listing period starts on 1st December and ends at the end of February and is a great motivator for getting people out birding when it might be easier not to. The top Canadian winter list is 324 (as at 2022-23) but a decent list is anything over 200. You can read more about winter lists in the 2022 report from Canadian Listers' Corner.

Winter Listing is supported in BUBO Listing via a new "list type". But don't think you have to be in Canada: you can winter list for anywhere in the world. And no, we aren't intending to add spring listing, summer listing, and autumn/fall listing!

Note that to enter a "season" list you should select the year for the start of the winter season, i.e. create a winter list selecting year list of 2023 to represent December 2023 to February 2024. 

So, now that December has come, what are you waiting for? Put those snow boots (or thermal flip-flops) on and get out winter listing.

Thanks to Mark Dennis (from the bit of Canada that rarely freezes, with a Canada winter list of 243 at the time of writing, and out daily looking for more) for this idea!