The list presented here is the all-time list for the St Aldhelm's Head recording area. This area includes St Aldhelm's Head and Winspit, with the northern boundary defined as a straight line east from the boathouses in Chapman's Pool (inclusive of Chapman's Pool, but not the shore) to the dry stone wall on West Hill whereupon it follows the wall north and east to Renscombe Farm. From there it follows the tarmac road east to Worth Matravers and includes the northern boundaries of the village. It then runs south from Abbascombe along stone wall boundaries to East Man and then a straight line to the corner of the cliff top stone wall above Winspit East Quarry. The coast and sea provide a natural southern boundary. Seawatching records are also included. Note that recent Grey Partridge records are of birds released at Encombe Estate (i.e., category E) and, while having bred, have not become established. Most recent additions - Little Ringed Plover Jul. 2017, Two-barred Greenish Warbler Oct. 2017, Egyptian Goose, presumed cat. C, Oct. 2018 (older records were considered to be of birds of unknown origin), Pochard Apr. 2019, Surf Scoter Apr. 2019, and Buff-breasted Sandpiper Sept. 2020. Species comments are in the process of updating. Editor: S. Morrison.