Gary Prescott

ONLY BIRDS SEEN ON RSPB and W&WT NATURE RESERVES ON MY YEAR LIST. First four and a half months of the year were spent GREEN BIRDING, that is walking around St Martin's, Isles of Scilly. Now spending my days traveling around RSPB and W&WT nature reserveS so the list will reflect the birds seen at these and the Isles of Scilly list will be removed. I am sleeping most nights in my car but when I do partake of a B & B, I will endeavour to post my photographs on the BIKING BIRDER - Adventures of a Green Birder Facebook page. ALBATROSS! NEXT YEAR ; another BIGBY! BBVI - A Biking Birder adventure, attempting to make a PURE GREEN - NO FOSSIL FUEL Big Green Big Year (BIGBY) Britiah list, trying to raise money for the RSPB and for the wonderful ACRONS CHILDRENS' HOSPICE in Birmingham, UK.