Roy Smith

No heard only. Species listed by first encounter date, even if seen in multiple countries. Western Palearctic: Britain, France (incl. Corsica), Spain (incl Canary Is); Iceland, Norway, Greece (incl. Lesvos), Morocco (x2), Turkey, Israel. North & Middle America: Canada 1976, then 1980 >> (ON, NB,NS,SK,AB,BC,NU); USA: (MI; CA; CO; TX, ME, AZ, etc); also Dominican Rep.; Jamaica (x2); Cuba (x2); Puerto Rico; Costa Rica (x2), Panama (x2). South America: Trinidad, Ecuador, Peru (x2), Bolivia, Colombia. Oriental: Pakistan, India (x3) incl. Andaman Is; Sri Lanka; Taiwan, Hong Kong (multiple); Mainland China (x4); Cambodia; Vietnam; Malaysia (Sabah and Peninsular), Japan. Australia (x4); New Zealand. Africa: The Gambia; South Africa.