You can now add your own favourite birding sites to BUBO Listing. Hence if you want to start a list for a particular site or local patch that we do not currently have, just add it yourself!

You need to be logged in first. Then, from View All Lists or Create New List, just navigate to the appropriate place in the world location tree where you wish to add the new site and right-click to bring up a menu of options. Select 'Add new site here' and you will then be able to enter the site details.

Add Site

Any site you add will be available immediately. From time to time we will review new sites and may move them if we consider there to be a more appropriate place in the location tree for them.

From the screenshot above you will also notice another new change, which is the number in parentheses after the site name. This is the total number of lists currently available for that location, i.e. the total of life, year, self-found etc.

We have added most known birding sites for Britain already. For other areas of the world feel free to add any sites you wish, even if you do not intend to record a list for them: we'd like this to develop into a useful global resource for site lists. If you have a long list of sites to add as a batch then Contact Us and we'll upload them for you.