Light-footed Ridgeway (clapper) rail
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Light-footed Ridgeway (clapper) rail

The latest version 6.1 of the IOC world list is now available. Five new species have been added, with Sedge Wren the most likely addition for BUBO Listers.

The long overdue updates to both the AOU North and Middle American checklist and the ABA area checklist, have also been added. Amongst the most interesting changes for listers include the split of Ridgway's Rail from Clapper Rail, Xantus's Murrelet split into Scripps's and Guadalupe, Sage Sparrow split into Sagebrush Sparrow and Bell’s Sparrow, acceptance of both Fea's and Zino's Petrels, as well as a number of exotic species now considered established, including Egyptian Goose, Nanday Parakeet and Rosy-faced Lovebird.


It's been a long time coming but we have just completed an upgrade to BUBO Listing, including moving to a new server. You'll notice a neater, easier to read, fresher look to all pages and a few fun features, including:

  • Share your lists on Facebook and Twitter! Look for the buttons at the bottom when you are viewing a list, and you can tweet it, like it or share it with your online friends. Why not share your life list every time you get a major addition? Or share your targets and ask people to look out for the top ones!
  • Similarly you can share other content on BUBO Listing, not just lists.
  • The latest list update at the top of each page will now show an image of the species in question (assuming we can find one, with a matching scientific name, that is). Also you can go directly to view the list that has been updated.
  • A wide range of new bird photos on the homepage.

Bird photos on BUBO Listing are now supplemented by the excellent resource Field Guide: Birds of the World.

Coming soon will be the latest IOC updates...

Apologies if you tried to access BUBO Listing in the last couple of days and found the site to be unavailable. This was due to a server overload, although we're not entirely sure what caused this. It's happened a few times over the past couple of months although we've normally caught it sooner than we did yesterday.

If you have Linux system administration experience and are happy to give us a few hours to troubleshoot it, and terms such as Apache, PHP, FastCGI, APC and monit mean things to you, then we'd certainly appreciate the help! Please Contact Us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The people behind the IOC World List have published their latest updates. These have now been incorporated into BUBO Listing. The main changes were the addition of Urrao Antpitta, and the splitting of Horned & Sira Curassows; Hen & Northern Harriers; Common & Cape Verde Buzzards; Banggai, Oberholser's & Sula Fruit Doves; Philippine, Everett's & Negros Scops Owls; Northern & Mexican Barred Owls; Pacific, Salim Ali's, Blyth's and Cook's Swift; Dull-mantled & Magdalena Antbirds; Hair-crested & Tablas Drongos; Grand Comoro & Moheli Bulbuls; Nightingale Reed, Saipan Reed & Pagan Reed Warblers; Streaky-breasted & Bornean Spiderhunters.

Most world listers will find they can increase their list by applying these taxonomic updates! As usual you will be notified if any updates impact you.

The recent round of updates for the Clements checklist, as published by Cornell, have now been incorporated in BUBO Listing. There were plenty of taxonomic updates, including 12 new species and no fewer than 74 different splits. Also major changes to family composition and sequencing.

Most world listers will find they can increase their list by applying these taxonomic updates! As usual you will be notified if any updates impact you, and you can view the updated Clements checklist in full.

UPDATE - we'd forgotten to split Water Rail and Brown-cheeked Rail, so you may get prompted again for another taxonomic check.